Hello All,

We have a new RZR-4 Roof, actually our first for the 4. Built with the same equipment as our MK5 roof for the Ranger 900 crew.
All Pioneer equipment on the inside front and rear. 2, 6 1/2 speakers up front with a pair of 6x9's in the rear. Pioneer AM/FM, CD, Aux, BlueTooth head unit powers it all. LED dome light front and rear. Up top, a 41 1/2 dual row LED and a 13 1/2 Dual row in the rear. Both sit under an aluminum shroud for protection.
Also has a thick walled, double tube roof rack built in. A one piece roof that won't EVER leak, rattle, squeak or go bump in the night. Powedercoated... it's a really nice roof, light system, sound system, roof rack all in one.
$1949.00 You have to call myself or Ryan on this one for right now.
Marty - 352-287-2606
Ryan - 352-613-3341

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