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  1. 2020 Build your on ranger

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    Probably a thread already started, but is Polaris going to pretty much let you build your not Ranger now? I like my HLE but its so damn hot in south Ga I wish I would have got the Northstar like I planned. I wouldn't mind getting a northstar with turf delete and snorkeled from factory. I'd just...
  2. And the new upgrade

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    Oh yea, my top speed is about 25mph 😂😂 i took them off riding around the river because of how it handled wash outs. I didn't like the lack of travel or the tire coming off the ground
  3. And the new upgrade

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    Satv recommends house brand 80/90 gear oil. I have Amsoil 80/90 in it though. I've had the sways off for awhile now but I am thinking they may need to go back on with the portals. Does it cause them to bind without them?
  4. And the new upgrade

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    Bracket lift removed and suspension is back at stock. Still kept the sways off for now. Added Gen3 6" portals with 30% reduction still rolling 33 xm310's which are awesome One old picture of what it looked like before as well
  5. System 3 XM310 tires?

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    Well its been awhile since I've gotten these. So here is a little update. They are SWEET!. 12psi Hard pack they are loud on the highway and offroad they ride pretty smooth considering what they look like River sand They do decent, you can't expect and real aggressive tire to excel in sand...
  6. Radio upgrades to an oem unit

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    My dad has a 2016 polaris ranger 900xp with the oem polaris radio and speakers. The reception is bad the speakers are trash. Does anyone know of an antenna upgrade and hopefully some speakers. I know Rockford fosgate are good speakers, but do i have to buy the head unit to or can I just get...
  7. What is Lock and Ride?

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    The poly roof on my ranger 900xp was lock and ride, it had screws you could use but you didn't have too
  8. Looking for pictures to get an idea

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    Anyone have a 2019 Crew 1000 xp crew with forwarded arched a arms and 4" portals. I know by measurement what it will look like but id like to see it, thanks.
  9. 2019 Polaris Ranger 1000 xp Crew HLE

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    Current additions MK6 roof, 3" HL bracket lift, HL forward arched a arms, xm310 33x9, 18" healy fast satv wheels. 1" HL wheel spacers, polaris full canvas doors, polaris heater system, lock and ride vented windshield, lock and ride rear glass panel. Pros: Tons of power. Comes from the factory...
  10. Wheel spacers?

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    I recommend them, i have a crew with 3" brackets and forward arched, running a 33x9x18. The stance is to narrow for the height in my opinion. I started with 1" it was better, im going to 2" now and taking front sway bar off and maybe the rear next. Eventually I will get portals but for now...
  11. Wheel spacer opinion.

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    Yea I'll share any thoughts or results about anything on my Ranger. I have found more answers to porblems or mods on forums than any dealership. I am going to a 2" spcaer for now. I just don't like how it feels navigating obstacles.
  12. Need help! Engine quits when coming to a stop.

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    It wasn't a Ranger, but my dads old rhino with efi did some funny stuff one time like that among other things at the time but the injector has a screen in it and it had a piece of trash in it. Probably no help, but never hurts to look I guess
  13. Sway bars

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    I actually seen a new ranger crew hl with 8" portals on some dealers page, it looks mean. Here some screen shots
  14. Sway bars

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    Whats your thought on portals? Im thinking of taking the bracket lift off and putting on 6" portals, the suspension will be at stock setting and I gain more height. That cost though 😫😫
  15. Sway bars

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    3" bracket, turn stops, and one " spcaers on 33x9's