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  • Z71 ·

    Thank you for your purchase.

    I was able to get a look at a operators manual for the 1000 Outlander and here are my recommendations.

    NOTE - AMSOIL nor Wix have a oil filter for the Can-am's so I can't help with that. Small cartridge style filters btw.

    Engine oil
    AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke PowerSports 0W-40 (AFF)
    Capacity - 2.1 -qts (2.0L)

    Gearbox (Chaincase/Transmission)
    AMSOIL Severe Gear® 75W-140 (SVO)
    Capacity - 14-oz (400 ml)

    Front/Rear Differentials
    AMSOIL Severe Gear® 75W-90 (SVT)
    Front - 17-oz (500 ml)
    Rear - 8.5 -oz (250 ml)

    Brake Fluid
    AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid (BF4SN)
    Capacity - 8.8 -oz (260 ml)

    Synthetic Water Resistant Grease (CWRCR)
    As required

    Note - DO NOT MIX with other types oil, it will reduce the effectiveness of the AMSOIL lube.

    Hope this helps.

    Rebelsrbad ·
    Hey I just made my first order from amsoil with your help and I appreciate it. I was wondering if you can provide a list of fluids and amounts. For a 2013 canam outlander 1000 as well as the correct filter. I have searched all over their website without any luck. Thanks
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