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  1. Ranger Security/Alarm

    Ranger Discussions
    You could also put in a blue tooth tracking device the connects to any cell phone to tell the location of the tracking device. Fairly inexpensive.
  2. Air Diverter aka Spoiler

    General Member Discussions
    I saw a post here or another UTV site frin someone added a bent aluminum air diverter to the top rear of their roof. I would like to communicate with that person if possible. If anyone know who or where that link is please pm me. Thanks
  3. Maintenance Protection Planning

    General Member Discussions
    I have had a lot of luck with my 15 900 XP but I have also used the warratee a couple of times and it did pay for itself twice over. So, that said, I guess I am going to keep my maintenance records up to date and run it until either it dies or I do, which may be 20 years more.
  4. Clutch Box Air Outlet

    2015 Model Polaris Rangers/RZRs
  5. Maintenance Protection Planning

    General Member Discussions
    What I am gathering is that after my 5 year warranty protection play expires in March 2020 I am screwed. I haven't been able to find an affordable follow-on plan.
  6. Sawtooth Ride

    General Member Discussions
    We had a good run Dec 12, 2019 in the general area of Eloy, AZ with 4 friends. We covered about 35 miles; saw some new country and strange sights. I lost count at 50 when we encountered the committee of vultures, but there had to be about 100 sitting on top of nearly every saguaro cactus in...
  7. Maintenance Protection Planning

    General Member Discussions
    When my 2015 Polaris Ranger XP 900 was new I purchased an aftermarket warrantee to maintain it as best I could. We do all our own services and keep a spread sheet of Ranger maintenance to include when I need to use the local dealership to assess the situation and problems. Now my 5 year...
  8. 8th Annual BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY Sale - FixMyToys
    Zack, You folks A Fixmytoys are always spot on for the UTV/ATV folks. Thanks for your support.
  9. Sidehilling ... making the Ranger more stable.

    Ranger Discussions
    The thing I hate most about doing side hill is the brown spots in my underwear!
  10. Engine Air Intake

    General Member Discussions
    Me too. I am hoping it does a good job and that I didn't waste my time and resources. Won't get a chance to test it out for a few days but I am looking forward to it. Have some other maintenance issues to take care of before hitting the trails again.
  11. Engine Air Intake

    General Member Discussions
    I think you all missed my point. The OEM paper filter is still in place and being used as intended. The K&N is and associated filter wrap are just one more filter in the line to help keep more crap out of the air intake system.
  12. Engine Air Intake

    General Member Discussions
    It wasn't enough to relocate and add a extra filter to the engine air intake I also relocated the CVT (clutch) air intake. The OEM air for the CVT comes from a small frogskin covered vent on the passenger side midway up the side, down to th clutch air-intaake. Note there is no filteration...
  13. Engine Air Intake

    General Member Discussions
    I have been fighting to keep the dust out of the air intake system forever. A couple of years ago I bought a snow filter for a snowmobile and installed it behind the seat, all it did was stop larger debris. I see a lot of the newer UTVs using Particle Seperators, a bit pricy. So I had to come...

    General Member Discussions
    Folks remember black Friday is coming there will be some great bargains from our vendors. Support those who support our sport.
  15. Lighted Whips

    General Member Discussions
    Is there anyone on PRC that is making and selling whips?
  16. Dust?

    General Member Discussions
    From past experience over the last 13 years I have seen a few posts about dust in the cab and dirty filters. Folks have gone on to install particle separator on their buggies and they seem to work but are bulky not to mention expensive at $399. To $500.00 depending on who you buy from. I am...
  17. Heat issues

    General Member Discussions
    Has anyone tried to adapt the new Polaris heat shield material to an older Polaris Ranger? I was thinking something like this: thinking something like this: attaching it behind the seat going down to below the battery compartment and over towards the center as far as it would go. I am trying...
  18. Stop Sale/Ride Notice 2018 to 2020 Ranger XP 1000

    General Member Discussions
    As with anything new, CHECK IT OUT WHEN YOU GET IT. Get a torque driver and wrench on every nut, bolt, screw you can and don't forget to check allllll fluids twice. Remember the stealerships hire minimum wage workers to deliver and set up our rides. They have little to no training and less...
  19. Changes for Change Sake?

    PRCForum News
    Admin, Did you change the options again just to mess with the membership?
  20. Is there anyone that knows how to wire a second battery.

    Ranger Discussions
    Do a serch of the Technical Section there should be a couple of posts about adding a battery.
1-20 of 460 Results