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  1. check engine lite

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    Thanks for posting the picture of the code but unfortunately no one seems to have any reference as to what it means. Maybe Toxic with his insider knowledge can come up with what it means.
  2. Need some help

    Ranger Discussions
    I've had customers elect to buy two new wheels when one gets damaged and is discontinued. They will get a style that's close and put the two new ones on one side and the originals on the other. They've said that no one ever notices.
  3. 2008 ranger 500 overheats

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Is the radiator hot when the fan comes on?
  4. check engine lite

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    I was wondering that too as the code you've given is not on the code list. Although, I've seen this code: SPN 458836, FMI 31 which is also not on the list so what you saw may be accurate.
  5. No AWD No Indication on Speedometer

    Ranger Discussions
    The front gearbox doesn't have a solenoid setup like the rear does. You won't hear anything from the front when 4wd is selected.
  6. 2013 polaris ranger 500 not getting oil

    Ranger Technical
    On the bottom of the oil tank is a 90 degree fitting that the oil supply line attaches to. If you remove that fitting there is a screen that might be plugged up. I rarely ever see it but it could be your problem.
  7. 2013 Ranger 900 No Acceleration

    2013 Model Polaris Rangers/RZRs
    Since its only been driven once in two years fuel quality may be your problem.
  8. Whining noise from throttle body with key off

    Ranger Technical
    Turns out to be nothing to worry about. I've heard it on many, many Ranger and Sportsmans. It seems to be the servo motor in the throttle body. After turning off the machine it will do that until the ECU cuts power. On Rangers, if you hold the brake while turning the key off the brake lights...
  9. New member New to the polaris scene. Help!

    Ranger Discussions
    That's right, changed over in 17 I think. I missed that one, thanks for clarifying Toxic.
  10. New member New to the polaris scene. Help!

    Ranger Discussions
    When you move the driveshaft (prop shaft) up and down pay attention to what's moving. These are known to develop "slop" between the yoke and the pinion shaft on the front gearbox. But, it may not be that. Another known failure point is the u-joint that is attached to that same yoke. If it's...
  11. Aluminum trailer build

    General Member Discussions
    That's like do it yourself creosote!
  12. Starter Bendix

    Ranger Discussions
    That is correct.
  13. 2010 Ranger Crew 800 EPS

    Ranger Discussions
    Geographical location plays a big part in pricing for used units. Also, you "found" a 2012 for 12900. What one is listed for and what it actually sold for can be a difference of thousands. People often ask me what theirs is worth and my go to answer is what someone is willing to give you for it.
  14. 2015 ranger 570 intake valves bottomed out with .000 clearance

    2015 Model Polaris Rangers/RZRs
    Anytime I work on a 2015-16 570 full size I always remove the intake tube between the air box and the big black intake plenum to check for dust. The rectangular air boxes are known to be problematic and the crankcase breather tube can get a hole burned in it from the exhaust manifold. Seven...
  15. Front Differential Metal in Oil 2012 800xp

    Ranger Discussions
    I have seen this before as well. I would venture to say there are probably quite a few cases broken where the pinion bushing is located since the only way to know for sure is a visual inspection.
  16. Aluminum trailer build

    General Member Discussions
    One of my customers had a aluminum trailer for his Ranger. One neat feature was the ramp. There was a "trap door" at the back of the trailer and when you unlatched it the end of the ramp was exposed. You then grab the end of the ramp and step backwards as you pull it out from the trailer and...
  17. Never seen a-arm busings this bad before

    Ranger Discussions
    I looked up that part number and those look like they'd be worth checking out. I didn't know Polaris offered an HD version.
  18. Ignition coil question.

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    5/16" is correct and the short piece that gets added to the fuel pump assembly MUST be rated for submersible use.
  19. MAGA!

    Political Discussions
    "I don't know your personal situation (nor do I need to) but most Americans spend more than they earn and live beyond their means and are in debt when they should be living beneath their means, putting aside an emergency fund of at least a year's salary and only then considering the purchase of...
  20. 2016 Ranger 570 Crew EFI - No fuel or spark

    Ranger Technical
    With the key words of "cover" and "Bosch" I bet he's talking about the throttle body cover. If so, it has nothing to do with your injector, nor the lack of signal to it.
1-20 of 366 Results