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  1. Places to ride 900 crew in georgia

    Ranger Crew Discussions
    Knowing your location in GA may help us help you! Many folks ride crews down here in the Apalachacola National forest.
  2. Qsc clutch review

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    can you get the top plate by itself? if it helps tighten the belt just a tad more that equals top end on a good run by adding a umph more pressure/height on the belt
  3. Merry Christmas

    General Member Discussions
    Merry Christmas to all PRC members from North Florida!
  4. Poll question

    General Member Discussions
    I saw that but how does it create a poll? or do I just make a question per line then post? I tried and previewed but nothing showed like a poll.
  5. Poll question

    General Member Discussions
    how does one create a poll?
  6. my RZR 1000 "Storm Trooper" version

    RZR XP 1000 Discussions
    OK let me clarify only the fenders, lower side panels and front grill have Line X on them. Yes it seems to hold up very well and cleans easy. The body is the factory white and the center hood(s) and side intakes are all Hydro dipped white carbon fiber.. Thanks for all the compliments.
  7. my RZR 1000 "Storm Trooper" version

    RZR XP 1000 Discussions
    This was a fun build. Special thanks to Racer Tech, Twisted Sticth, Rugged Radios, Line X of Valdosta, GA, Metal Fabrication of Tallahassee, FL. and Carnivore for telling me how to make my fenders white!! If you are ever wondering how easy it is to clean Line X up after a long weekend of trail...
  8. Cargo trrailer conversions

    General Member Discussions
    Here you go
  9. puncture proof tires

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    I'll get you a contact number. I know the developers.
  10. Side X Side World 2014 Jamboree

    UTV Rallies, Rides and Events
    I just booked up my RV site C7. Storm and I will be rolling up Monday July 6-13
  11. Break in of 1K

    RZR XP 1000 Discussions
    late to this thread as always, Chris sounds lil she has owned many a outboard motor. The way he describes break in is just as most outboard mFg said to break in their motors. Drivve it like a car/truck is my thinking. no one thinks twice about breaking in a car/truck/motorcycle... Now that been...
  12. New shop

    That is just a fine looking shop in the works..
  13. -15

    Off-Topic Discussions
    Just thought I'd share my North Florida weather. Due to low temps I have had to change from shorts to blue jeans for the past three days! Thought I was going to be forced to switch from flip flops to shoes even!:star::highly_amused: Good news is Friday and Saturday are looking like 72 with a...
  14. Project CS Single Seater!

    RZR Projects and Write-ups with Photos!
    Porosity is a big word for me :chuncky: Sure could have used that little nugget of info during my build LOL!
  15. Project CS Single Seater!

    RZR Projects and Write-ups with Photos!
    Forde u kill me. Lol Storm and I race in Macon January 18th come watch me slip off that same hill lol
  16. Mongrels/Motoclaws

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    Folks we race with run Mongrels. I prefer GBC Dirt Commanders. Great for trails and mud. Trail mud not mud bog mud.
  17. Project CS Single Seater!

    RZR Projects and Write-ups with Photos!
    OK so Happy New Year to all. 2013 Race season ended Dec 14th. 2014 Start January 18th so time has been tight. I did however complete my single seater RZR 570 build.. Lets just say its a BLAST to drive. I have to keep it under lock and key though. Not from Storm, but from Andy at Racer Tech. I...
  18. Wow! New Look!

    General Member Discussions
    Nice and clean look easy to read. Cudos!
  19. New guy from macon Ga.

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome Blake! Big ride at Paradise Offroad park Saturday in Macon.
  20. Project CS Single Seater!

    RZR Projects and Write-ups with Photos!
    Let me feed you all a little more of the build! We did skip a weekend of building to go ride our RZR's (factory style) LOL. Chassis is pretty much ready at this point and test running of the engine has been done. We use a make shift gas container since the custom fuel tank had yet to be built...
1-20 of 199 Results