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  1. Other Ranger Models
    Hello Everyone, Hope all are running and not loosing oil. Got a question for you smart guys. On my 1999 Polaris ranger 500 6x6 I am still trying to get it running and safe to ride my Grand boys around on my property. I have been working on this POS for a year it’s been on my Daughters carport...
  2. Other Ranger Models
    Hello All, I am in need of the R/H gear selector rod for my 99 Ranger. I have been adjusting on this rod for 4 months, get the L working and R won't get R and H won't Ect. I have rebuild 1/2 the gear selector box and no better results. So I did what any good sense ******* would do, I took the...
  3. Other Ranger Models
    I have a 1999 Ranger 6x6. VIN 4XARF50A8XD426332 MOTOR # 00-00176. When looking for some OEM parts, like a stator, the parts diagrams says to order one part number for "up to s#00-02080" and a different part number if my Ranger is S# 00-02080 and after. I'm trying to find out what S# 00-02080...
1-3 of 3 Results