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  1. Clicking noise/light grinding coming from rear of vehicle on 2009 polaris ranger crew 700

    Ranger Technical
    New to this forum thing, but was hoping I could get some help. So the other day I did something dumb. I floored it in reverse, built some speed and slammed on the brakes and it had made a weird noise. I put it in high gear and when I went forward it started to make this light grinding sound. In...
  2. Gas pedal leg pain - DON'T IGNORE IT!

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I did and ended up with a ruptured tendon (peroneus brevis) in my lower right leg and ankle. Surgery ($10K) was required to repair it, followed by ten weeks in a cast and orthopedic boot. I had driven my 2009 Ranger on relatively short trips for six years and frequently experienced pain in my...