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  1. Throttle Body Boot - Sealing where it connects to WELD-INTAKE,PLENUM

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    When I pulled my 2015 FS 570 apart and was cleaning the air intake components up I pulled the BOOT-THROTTLE BODY (item 26) out and where it went into the WELD-INTAKE,PLENUM (item 31) it was coated with a white greasy substance, like lithium grease or something, I assume to help seal that up...
  2. '15 570 Fullsize Clutch Question...

    Ranger Technical
    Dropped engine back in, starting to put it back together, and service manual calls for a "clutch centering tool" when putting PVT back together. How critical is this? I've read if bolt to bolt measure is 10", I should be good to go. I only pulled engine out, nothing else, so transmission and...
  3. 2016 Ranger 570 EFI mid overheating issue

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Good morning I have a 2016 Ranger 570 EFI mid size. Im having an issue with it overheating. As soon as you turn it on, just sitting there idling the temp rises and continues to rise. The fan does kick on at 205, but doesn't cool at all. I had read about bleeding the cooling system, so...
  4. 2015 570 Diamondplate Roof

    Mid-Size Rangers
    Hey guys, We currently have a new 2015 570 Mid Size standard cab in stock and ready to ship. If any of your buddies have a Kawasaki 3010 (single row seating) we've got an extra one lying around. Both are $449, give us a call to get an accurate shipping quote to your location. Here’s some pics...
  5. 2014 ranger 570 eps le clutch and exhaust

    Mid-Size Rangers
    Wondering if anyone clutched or put a exhaust on a 570 midsize ranger..I'm looking at forward a arms and 28 inch tires want to clutch and put a exhaust on for a little more tone... also I've been looking at heaters but can't find any that fit the eps models... I have full poly cab and doors...
  6. EMP roof vs ftd roof

    General Member Discussions
    Anyone have experience with these 2 tops? Picking my 2014 ranger 570 up Saturday. Need a roof and a windshield. Ive decided I think I want to go with a metal just narrowing it down is the problem!
  7. 2014 Ranger 570 - Poly Doors?

    Mid-Size Rangers
    Hi all. Need to find Poly doors to fit my new Ranger 570. I have the Steel tip out windshield and Poly roof. Poly back is on the way. No one has yet to confirm if th epoly doors will work with my steel roof and poly top combo. Is there a frame that comes with the poly doors to hinge on and seal...