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  1. Rear Blade Implement

    Ranger Discussions
    Not really sure where to put this since we have a Ranger 6x6 800 EFI. I don't see a forum for 800 and I am unsure if a 6x6 is classified as Full Size or not. Anyway, I was looking at rear blade implements to put on back of our 6x6 but I was unsure if you need any lift at all or if you can just...
  2. 1999 Ranger 6x6 Help Needed

    New Member Introductions
    I'm new to UTV ownership. Unfortunately I just inherited a very old 1999 Ranger 6x6. It was in the barn of some property I've inherited after my uncle who passed recently. It has lots of problems and I'm not sure its worth fixing. The list is as follows: *Front right wheel is toed in and I...
  3. Resurrection of a 2009 6x6

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all! First time Post on PRC! I just purchased a 2009 Ranger 6x6 from Hillsborough County Fl. The unit never left the football field where it was stationed. Original tires still, but new one on the way. I have started the rebuild process by replacing ALL of the driveshafts U-Joints, brakes, 1...
  4. Interior Height Question

    Our Polaris 6x6 with a Wide Open Cab (Rangerware) has a max height of 75 inches. We have a 24 foot trailer that is too large for some of the access roads we need to get back for wildfires, search and rescue etc. We are selling that trailer that is 78 inches interior height with a beavertail in...
  5. Rear View Camera Install

    Member Inventions/Tips/Homemade Mods
    With the Ranger 6x6 having a tall body on the back and to make it safer on emergency scenes, we added a rear view camera system to the unit. It is nothing special, just a china product from ebay but it works well day and night! Below are some pictures of it installed. Just an idea for all of you...
  6. Trailer with Original Body

    Member Inventions/Tips/Homemade Mods
    Hello all, I know this wont fit many people here due to the specific nature of this utv, but just in case anyone takes their original body off their ranger, they have an idea for a trailer. Our fire company got a skid unit for firefighting that just bolts onto the frame where the dump body was...
  7. WideOpenCo Cab Door Window Issue

    Ranger Technical
    Hello all, I am new to the forum and unsure if this is really the place to post. Our fire company got a 2017 Polaris Ranger 6x6 in May 2017, delivered in July 2017. It has a WideOpenCo cab (my research shows it is from Rangerware) and since we got the unit, the Driver side door window will not...
  8. 2013 6x6 Oil change

    General Member Discussions
    I just changed my oil in the tranny, front, mid and rear axles, and motor as part of my first oil change. Actually pretty simple. The hardest part was/ is trying to put oil into the mid axle, there is a gear that the oil splashes off of and ends up back out the fill hole.. Has anyone...