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  1. Ranger Discussions
    After much time spent troubleshooting I am in need of assistance. I can not get this ranger started 😫. Here are my work done and troubleshooting work I did to it already. Engine turns over but no start Fuel pressure 40psi+ and holds Compression 180psi and holds Has spark Crank sensor .552ohms...
  2. Other Ranger Models
    Howdy guys. First post here, new owner of a 2006 Ranger 700xp. This forum has already been a wealth of knowledge. This machine has 1,725 hrs on it. She's no spring chicken, and needs some TLC. Idle is rough, especially when cold. Machine is running very rich, and even the oil smells rich...
  3. Ranger Technical
    I’ve got 2007 Ranger 700. Cranks up strong and idles good. It will drive strong all over the farm until it gets good and warmed up. After heating up it will boog down while on the throttle, let off the throttle and it goes back to idling good and if I let it idle long enough it will run good for...
  4. Ranger Technical
    I have recently bought a 2006 700XP EFI ranger with ~740 hrs and the guy I bought it from had an aftermarket idle voltage adjustment screw in the throttlebody. It is too long (2”) and if someone rides in the middle of the seat it rubs and causes the screw to come out of adjustment. Does anyone...
  5. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Have recurring problem of overheating with the flashing notification. The fan is running, but the coolant is cool and not circulating when I take off the radiator cap. It's also topped off. What could be the problem? Thermostat? Thinking of removing the thermostat for the summer.
  6. General Member Discussions
    I bought a 2006 Ranger XP700 from a friend a few months ago. It ran OK, a little rough, but it functioned just fine. When I got it, I did everything I thought you should do: replace the filters, fluids and spark plugs. While I was doing that, I noticed a crack in both of the rubber air intake...
1-6 of 6 Results