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  1. 2013 Ranger 800 will not start

    Ranger Technical
    I have a 2013 Ranger 800. When you turn the key on the lights and speedometer comes on. You can press the break and the break lights will light up. However you don't hear the fuel pump and it will not roll over if you try to start it. It all started after riding in the snow one day. The...
  2. New Lift and Clutch Kit for 800XP

    Member Classifieds
    New to this forum, but I have perfect transaction history in the archery forum world. I purchased these off a friend with plans to sink some money into my 800XP and give it a makeover. Decided to just finish out hunting season with it as is and put the money towards a new one. Both of these...
  3. 2011/12 ranger 800xp front drive shaft rattling bad pls help!!!!!

    Ranger Technical
    I replaced the u joints in the shaft and it fixed it for about 5 miles. I noticed a little slack between the rear yoke and trans output shaft. My question is does the reg 800 ( non crew) have a carrier bearing or has anyone figured out a way to stop the drive shaft from beating on the frame? Any...
  4. 2012 Polaris Ranger 800XP EFI w/ Extras - $10500

    Member Classifieds
    2012 Polaris Ranger 800XP EFI in sage green (Current body style full size). Basically a brand new machine. Purchased last year at dealership. I just performed the break in oil change at 25 hours, but bought a tractor so unfortunately the Ranger has to go...