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  1. 2017 900 xp runs awesome fir 3/4 mile then falls flat to 25,shut it off for 3-5 and it will repeat it self

    Ranger Crew Discussions
    Just bought a 2017 900 xp, first ranger ever. When we test drove it - half a block , it was back and forth of awesomeness! so we brought it home , mind you 2.5 hours away. Ugh . Anywaystook it out today , first time run it 55 for a mile and then it like goes in to limp mode 25 mph or so . shut...
  2. Replace belt on a 2018 Ranger Xp 900 Crew

    Ranger Technical
    All I did was replace the belt because I was getting a misfire code in cylinder 1 and 2 and now I hear a noise from the rear. At low speed I can hear it, then it goes away. Has anyone had this problem. I'm changing the spark plugs tomorrow. CVT problem for sure, just wondering if I need to break...