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  1. Best place to buy Circlips

    Ranger Technical
    I wanted to add a few spare Circlips for the front and rear axles to my kit. I have a 2015 XP900, I am not sure if the front and the rear are the same clip? When looking at, the front(2203445($2.95)) and the rear(7710665($22.79)) have two different part numbers, and a...
  2. S3 Titan Axle Sale at Team FAS Motorsports!!!

    Team FAS Motorsports
    S3 TITAN AXLE SALE! This week we Teamed up with Dustin Henderson from S3 Powersports to provide a great Deal on the S3 Titan Axles. All Axles are in stock and include Free Shipping! These are the Axles they run on the Trail and on the S3 Race Winning Can Am Maverick! S3 Power Sports' TITAN...
  3. 2011 Ranger Crew Axle Trouble

    Ranger Technical
    I have a 2011 Ranger Crew 800 with 1250 miles, I purchased it 3 months ago with only 250 miles on it at the time. My son was riding it and had a flat tire after apparently running over something. I fixed the tire and the neXT day he called me after the upper boot had came loose off of the rear...