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brake pedal

  1. help!! can't stop, no brakes!!

    Ranger Technical
    Hello everyone, I am not certain where this post belongs if this is not it please forgive me and point me in the right direction. I have a 1999 ranger 6x6 that has been sitting in a shed for 3 years. I have it running and moving good just need to change fluids and grease job. it will run good...
  2. Overheated Brakes

    General Member Discussions
    Close call this weekend. Lost brakes coming down a 1.7 mile, 15% grade, 2300 ft descent mountain. I was also packing 600+lbs between driver, rider and gear. I was alternating between brake pedal and engine braking when I felt my pedal getting soft. 10 minutes later I had zero brake pedal...