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  1. Feature Request

    EMP Forum
    I purchased your XP900 bumper and installed it on my 2014 Diesel HST and it installed perfectly. But the one thing I wish it had was some tow points on the front. There are really no places to hook on for tie downs or for attaching hooks for pulling. I'm sure you have a process down for this...
  2. Polaris 570 rear bumper issue

    Mid-Size Rangers
    Picked up my new 570 today. Put the polaris front brush guard on and the rear bumper. The rear bumper is basically flush with the furthest point on the tailgate...and it's possible the tailgate is a centimeter or two further out than the bumper itself. I can't believe this is how it is supposed...
  3. EMP Front Bumper and Maxxis Zilla 28's - tires hitting bumper

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    Well, I've spent the last 30 mins searching the forums on the issue I am having and if a lift would solve my problem. If that answer is there, I could not find it. Most conversations I saw mentioned the EMP Bumper AND forward a-arms...with larger tires and I don't have any forward a-arms. I...