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code 22

  1. 2008 Ranger 700efi TPS Help needed

    Ranger Technical
    My son and I picked up a refurb project, 2008 Ranger Crew 700efi. We get a code 22 and I’ve read most of the strategies here. Mine seems a little different, as it won’t start unless I play with the throttle when cranking. Does this sound like a TPS issue? I Hooked the multimeter up to the yellow...
  2. 2006 ranger code 22

    Ranger Technical
    I have a code 22 (tps). I started the engine an while running I would move tps wires and it would die, so figured it needed a tps. After I replaced the tps and was going to make my adjustment I now only get a reading of 4.90 volts. Any thoughts? prior to replacing tps I had .676 thanks brian