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  1. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    So I have a 2017 crew diesel ranger that was ridden pretty hard as a work horse on a big project near salt water/ there is a good bit of rust on the unit, but everything is running pretty good for about 20 min or so. After riding it for about 20 minutes it gets good and warm and just dies...
  2. RZR 170 Discussions
    Hey guys, just bought a cherry 2014 rzr 170 for the kids christmas. Going through it and servicing it before the holidays in secret. The thing runs like a top, starts easy, runs smooth, doesn't need the choke to start. Problem is when turning right it starves for fuel then dies. Same thing...
  3. Ranger Discussions
    NEW TO THIS SITE AND NEED HELP. I have a 2012 ranger 800xp eps le that I have only had for about 2 months. It will start and run fine until it gets to operating temp, then it will die when I stop and won't start. Sometimes it will try to start but won't stay running. I have insulated the fuel...
1-3 of 3 Results