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  1. Programming a new ecm

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Hi, I have a 2017 Ranger 6x6 800, my original EC< blew off. I need to get programmed a new ECM I purchased with the factory configuration. The problem is that I am not in the US and I don't have a dealer to take the unit to. Any idea???
  2. Need new ECM for Ranger 500efi. How to determine which one will work?

    General Member Discussions
    The ECM on my 2010 Ranger 500 efi came loose from the its bracket, fell beneath the unit and hit a rock, breaks no the case. After walking to get my tractor and towing it home, I thought it would be as easy as getting a replacement ECM. No luck. My model of ECM is 4012587 which I cannot find...
  3. ECU Issues on 2013 800 Crew

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Hello all. New to the forum but hoping someone can give me an idea of where/how to relocate the ECU on my machine. This will be the 3rd ECU that I have had to replace along with the main wiring harness in 2 years and I am sick of it. Dealer tells me to stop putting it under water but I have...