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  1. EFI Fuse blowing, can't find the problem.

    Ranger Discussions
    Ok, so here is the background. This unit is a 2015 (or 16) Ranger Crew 570 EFI I am working on for a friend. I will admit that electrical work is not my area of expertise, but I tend to be able to figure these types of issues out and this one has me stumped. When key is turned on, EFI Fuse blows...
  2. Convert EFI to carburetor

    Ranger Technical
    I have a 2007 500 Ranger with EFI.. I am tired of the electrical issues not allowing a decent idling and running Polaris Ranger. Am I crazy to consider converting to carburetor to simplify my life and my motor? Does anyone have experience with this? Did you use the Mikuni carb or try another...