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  1. 2011 Ranger 800 crew starting problem

    Ranger Technical
    If the engine temp is over 190 when the engine is turned off it won't start back up until it cools down. It will start for about 5 seconds then shut down, you have to wait a few minutes and keep checking the temp, once it cools down it starts up just fine. The fan turns on at 204 and off when...
  2. 2006 Ranger 500 issues and upgrades

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I have recently purchased a ranger. This is a first sxs for me but have been into quads and dirtbikes for years. I went with an older machine souly for the reason of the carb. I dont want to have to get out a laptop to do anything on this machine. Now with all this said I have ran into...
  3. 2014 Ranger 800 EFI Cooling Fan

    Ranger Discussions
    While riding this weekend, I followed two other Rangers through a water crossing. As fate would have it, my 2014 Ranger 800 EFI cooling fan was the only one that decided to kick on right at that time. As such, the fan hit water and broke a blade. Fortunately, the radiator survived the incident...
  4. Who sells a COMPLETE radiator fan interrupt switch?

    Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I would like to buy a complete radiator fan interrupt switch for my 2012 Ranger 800 XP that I can leave in the auto position or turn off when going through water so I don't break another fan but have the switch light up to remind me to turn it back to the auto-on position when the temp threshold...