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  1. General Member Discussions
    Black Friday / Cyber Monday is approaching fast and we want you to create a "Wish List" as well as SUBSCRIBE to our official thread to preview the largest OEM Polaris holiday sale around! Follow the link below to find all of the sale details as well as sneak peaks...
    It is hard to believe that time of the year is upon us yet again... something that has become a tradition within the PRCForum community. We are back again with a bigger and better 5th annual FixMyToys Polaris Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. Please SUBSCRIBE to this thread to stay updated as we...
  3. General Member Discussions
    FixMyToys has some of the best deals on Polaris clothing year after year! We pride ourselves on offering the best package deals for Polaris clothing around the web. Christmas is approaching quickly and no one likes to pay full price for Polaris branded clothing. So, I would like to offer users...
    UPDATE 12/09/15 Quickly wanted to provide an update... We have fulfilled approx 95% of all orders placed prior to last Friday. We still have some stragglers and I do apologize for the delay. Most of the remaining orders left to be shipped were due to Running out of on hand inventory with...
1-4 of 4 Results