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  1. Ranger Discussions
    No power to fuel pump. Is there a fuse somewhere that Might have blown? Relay? Where are they located? What else could it be? Any help appreciated
  2. Ranger Technical
    I have a 2013 Ranger 800. When you turn the key on the lights and speedometer comes on. You can press the break and the break lights will light up. However you don't hear the fuel pump and it will not roll over if you try to start it. It all started after riding in the snow one day. The...
  3. Ranger Technical
    I have a 2013 Ranger 800 EFI. I have had random issues with it starting. You turn the key and the fuel pump doesn't kick in or try to start. Normally you can cycle the key a few times and it will start. However after riding in the snow one day it wont start. When I turn the key all the dash...
  4. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Thanks for having me. Prior to joining and writing this post I have spent a week or so researching and just cant find my exact problem. I am a new owner of a used 08 Ranger Crew 700. I knew it had some issues when I purchased it. The machine will not "launch" from a stop or exceed about...
  5. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I have a 2005 ranger 500 6x6 with 700 hours. It died on me while riding. Got it back to the garage to inspect the issue. Fuel pump was bad, replaced it. I know it is working because when I pull the fuel line from the carb and turn the ignition on it pumps fuel through the line. Replaced inline...
  6. Ranger Technical
    Hi y'all, I'm a newby here to the forum and am looking for some help. My 700 xp I bought used has been a nightmare from day one. So far within the past three months of ownership I have replaced the tbap harness, fuel pump, dipstick tube, new stock exhaust, air precleaners/filter, and of course...
1-6 of 6 Results