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  1. WIRING... How much is too much?

    Ranger Discussions
    2015 570 EPS Full Size. Wired to my keyed accessory on the buss bar I have: Polaris stock under seat fuse panel, I added turn signals, horn, heater fan, winch (rocker & remote) controls... I will be installing a 50" Auxbeam light bar 288w, DC 10V-30V. I believe that the keyed stud on the...
  2. Turn key and nothing

    Ranger Technical
    05 Ranger Carb was running fine then turned key get nothing, no lights or fuel filter nothing. Replaced the magnetic inline switch and fired right up ran it to temp shut it off can back the next morning, nothing again, dead. Wondering if its a fuse (where) or should I be putting the volt meter...