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  1. Need some advice on heater and sound reduction

    Ranger Crew 900 Discussions
    I am new to the forum but have used this forum to troubleshoot/look for ideas for the last two years and finally decided to join the conversations. I have a 2016 ranger crew 900 xp. Im looking at the firestorm heaters and hoping some of you have experience with them and can tell me the good and...

    Ranger Technical
    NEW MEMBER. FIRST POST! I researched for hours and finally considering all criteria I choose to purchase the FIRESTORM COMPACT UNDERHOOD HEATER from Motoalliance for my 2015 570EPS Full Size. I could not find any helpful install videos before I did mine so I thought I'd make an installation...
  3. UPI Heater Question

    Ranger Discussions
    I just installed the UPI Heater and it seems to be working great! Blows hot air beginning at 170 degrees. My only concern is when it gets really really cold outside, will it still blow hot air all the time? Has anyone used this heater without the bypass in cold weather yet? Thanks for the...
  4. 2014 ranger 570 eps le clutch and exhaust

    Mid-Size Rangers
    Wondering if anyone clutched or put a exhaust on a 570 midsize ranger..I'm looking at forward a arms and 28 inch tires want to clutch and put a exhaust on for a little more tone... also I've been looking at heaters but can't find any that fit the eps models... I have full poly cab and doors...