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  1. 12" LED Rough Country LIGHT BAR with DRL - Installed on my 2020 Ranger 1000 (Video)

    General Member Discussions
    Hello Friends, I just installed a Rough Country 12" LED light bar with DRL on our 2020 Polaris Ranger Crew 1000 SOHC. I LOVE it! I especially love that it is designed to fit into the factory Polaris front bumper. The Rough Country website does not indicate the 2020+ Ranger 1000 SOHC, but it is...
  2. Cheap Totron Dually Cubes & Flush Mounts

    OffRoad LED's
    These are not the normal Totron cubes but are considered Totron's High Lumen cubes. All of our prices include Free Same Day Shipping to the lower 48 states. (You must order by 3pm central. We are open Monday - Friday) The prices reflect the 10% off when using the code Lights2015 on Offroad LED's...
  3. Totron Led Light Bars

    OffRoad LED's
    FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING!!! Go to my website Offroad LED's and use code Lights2015 for the 10% discount. The prices below reflect the price after the discount. We will ship out your products the same day if paid for by 3pm Central Monday - Friday. Single Row Straight $85.46 20" Single Row...
  4. Light Bar on back of Cab?

    2015 Model Polaris Rangers/RZRs
    Okay little hard to explain but i'll see if i can get this right. Was wanting to maybe put some more lights on and see that everyone either mounts them to the front on the bumper, or above the windshield, or on the back of the cab. I keep thinking and am surprised that nobody has come up with...
  5. what size led bar

    Mid-Size Rangers
    I have a 2014 ranger 570 and have been wanting to get a led bar for the top I have the emp roof what size would y'all recommend and how should I mount it.
  6. Mounting LED bar on ProBox Roof / Ranger Crew Diesel

    Ranger Discussions
    Hello all, After my first ride in the new ranger at night I realized how crappy the stock headlights were. Wishing I would have ordered lights with the roof. I emailed ProBox and their response was "if you order the light through us we'll supply you with the mounts you need" they would not sell...