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lift kit

  1. Do I need a lift kit?

    Ranger Technical
    I just bought a 2020 ranger 1000. I am using it for work but I am looking for tires and rims to swap out for hunting season. Stock is 25x10x12 and 25x11x12. Looking at different mud tires and was wondering if a 28 inch tire with a 14 inch rim upgrade will force me into having to lift my ranger...
  2. New Lift and Clutch Kit for 800XP

    Member Classifieds
    New to this forum, but I have perfect transaction history in the archery forum world. I purchased these off a friend with plans to sink some money into my 800XP and give it a makeover. Decided to just finish out hunting season with it as is and put the money towards a new one. Both of these...