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  1. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I have a ranger 800 crew 2012. it has a OEM prerunner brush guard bumper with a winch mounting plate and a fairlead bracket. the issue is that the mounting holes on the bracket and plate are too wide for UTV winches. THere must bwe a mounting kit or adapter plate that is needed. do amy of...
  2. Winter Riding/Tracks/Plows
    I'm looking at a Denali Pro plow from Moto-Alliance with the MA11704 mount that has 6 bolt holes and mounts to the bottom of the chassis in front. My issue is - I have a 1/2" UHMW skid plate that covers the entire bottom of the chassis and also utilizes these 6 holes. My question is, how do...
  3. Ranger Discussions
    Hello all, After my first ride in the new ranger at night I realized how crappy the stock headlights were. Wishing I would have ordered lights with the roof. I emailed ProBox and their response was "if you order the light through us we'll supply you with the mounts you need" they would not sell...
1-3 of 3 Results