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  1. Mid-Size Rangers
    So I have a 2013 midsize 800 EFI, I’m just curious what are some of the best mods to make it the best trail rig it can be. Right now it has a highlifter 2 inch lift, 2 inch wheel spacers, and mirrors. Just curious what other things would make it even better for rough trails and a little bit of mud.
  2. General Member Discussions
    Mud Trails. Live Concerts Every Night. Racing Competitions. Food. Camping. Vendors...the list goes on! 2019 will be bigger than ever when High Lifter brings Mud Nationals to Hillarosa ATV Park in Blevins, Arkansas March 27th-31st. Hillarosa is currently making many new improvements to their park...
  3. Member Classifieds
    -335 hours, 1550 miles - primarily used for hunting (a lot of time spent idling) -LE Ocean Blue -31" S/W outlaws on MSA Diesels - about 95% tread -Catvos 3" lift with rear arched arms, HD tie rods -Polaris extreme front bumper, Rear bumper -viper elite 5000 winch with Red synthetic rope...
1-3 of 3 Results