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  1. Ranger Photos & Videos
    Here is the Install Video of the Grizzztek Mud Guards on a 2020 Ranger Northstar. Feel Free to Subscribe, Like, and Share the video.
  2. Ranger Technical
    I installed a v plow on my North Star and when I use plow voltage drops to 11 and most of the time engine dies just put a oddessey 1200 battery in but didn’t help much
  3. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Help....I purchased this unit New in December of 2019. It has been in 2 dealers shop and presently for the 4th time for oil leak in the drive belt housing. I will not bore anyone (unless someone asks) with all the details but everyone involved knows there is a problem. What it amounts to is...
  4. Ranger XP 1000 Discussions
    Hi all - looking for some advice. I recently bought a used 2019 xp1000 Northstar and have really been enjoying it. The only exception is the creaking and squeaking which hopefully I can at least partially resolve. Here's what I've tried / found so far... 1) Greased bed latches - this didn't...
  5. Ranger XP 1000 Discussions
    Just wondering what percentage of tint people have had experience with on their Rangers. How do you like yours at night? Big thing for me is helping keep the heat out and of course looks. I’m thinking I may do limo back, 20% sides, and 50-75% windshield. Any opinion is appreciated.
  6. Ranger Technical
    We just got a 2019 ranger xp 1000 northstar and the shifter is really lose when in park ( dont know if its normal ) and it makes a loud clicking sound when it goes into high gear. Its like i have to jam it into high to get in to stay in gear. It also is not aligned the dealer told us that it...
  7. Ranger XP 1000 Discussions
    I am a current 2018 honda pioneer owner and looking to purchase a Polaris ranger 1000xp crew northstar I've checked new but I do have a guy that is willing to trade me even up for his 2017 ranger 1000 crew northstar with 5800miles and 450hours with a set of camoplast tracks also just wondering...
1-7 of 7 Results