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  1. Loose shifter when in park and really hard to put in high gear

    Ranger Technical
    We just got a 2019 ranger xp 1000 northstar and the shifter is really lose when in park ( dont know if its normal ) and it makes a loud clicking sound when it goes into high gear. Its like i have to jam it into high to get in to stay in gear. It also is not aligned the dealer told us that it...
  2. What's considered high miles/hours ranger 1000 crew

    Ranger XP 1000 Discussions
    I am a current 2018 honda pioneer owner and looking to purchase a Polaris ranger 1000xp crew northstar I've checked new but I do have a guy that is willing to trade me even up for his 2017 ranger 1000 crew northstar with 5800miles and 450hours with a set of camoplast tracks also just wondering...