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oil change

  1. 2015 900XP first oil change tips

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    Well, after a little searching, I found the oil filter. I would like to thank the engineer who placed it in such a convenient spot. There seems to be no easy way to get to it around a hot exhaust header, so... What is the best way to get at the filter? It looks like it will also dump oil all...
  2. 2013 6x6 Oil change

    General Member Discussions
    I just changed my oil in the tranny, front, mid and rear axles, and motor as part of my first oil change. Actually pretty simple. The hardest part was/ is trying to put oil into the mid axle, there is a gear that the oil splashes off of and ends up back out the fill hole.. Has anyone...