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  1. Ranger Technical
    I have a 2013 Ranger 800 XP and it started over heating while working really hard in sloppy mud. Little background on whats happening. I have been running it in low gear in heavy mud and then the temp comes up and it starts pushing coolant out of the reservoir. The engine temp light comes on...
  2. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Have recurring problem of overheating with the flashing notification. The fan is running, but the coolant is cool and not circulating when I take off the radiator cap. It's also topped off. What could be the problem? Thermostat? Thinking of removing the thermostat for the summer.
  3. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Good morning I have a 2016 Ranger 570 EFI mid size. Im having an issue with it overheating. As soon as you turn it on, just sitting there idling the temp rises and continues to rise. The fan does kick on at 205, but doesn't cool at all. I had read about bleeding the cooling system, so...
1-3 of 3 Results