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polaris oem black friday

  1. The 5th Annual FixMyToys OEM Polaris BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY SALE 2016!!!
    It is hard to believe that time of the year is upon us yet again... something that has become a tradition within the PRCForum community. We are back again with a bigger and better 5th annual FixMyToys Polaris Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. Please SUBSCRIBE to this thread to stay updated as we...
  2. 2015 FixMyToys BLACK FRIDAY SALE... Subscribe to this thread!!
    UPDATE 12/09/15 Quickly wanted to provide an update... We have fulfilled approx 95% of all orders placed prior to last Friday. We still have some stragglers and I do apologize for the delay. Most of the remaining orders left to be shipped were due to Running out of on hand inventory with...