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  1. 2011 ranger 400 motor cuts out with headlights

    Mid-Size Rangers
    I have a 2011 polaris ranger 400. With the motor running and i switch the headlights on, the motor cuts out and then continues to run. If the motor is warm it doesn't kill the motor it's almost like you cut the key off and back on very quickly, it may backfire if you're running down the road at...
  2. ranger 400 divot in head

    Mid-Size Rangers
    Looking at my ranger 400 tonight I noticed a divot rubbed into the head bellow the carb. The ranger is snorkeld and the fuel overflow hose has a small inline fuel filter at the end of the over flow to keep water from coming back in. The bottom of the fuel filter was against the head of the...
  3. ranger 400 accessories

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Ranger world, New to the whole forum thing. I'm trying to find some aftermarket parts for the ranger 400 like clutch kit, exhaust, wheels, things of that nature. Seems like theres not all that many folks out there making that sort of stuff, not that I can find anyway. I'm trying to liven...