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  1. Mid-Size Rangers
    2018 Polaris Ranger 500, inherited from my FIL who was the only owner. No upgrades that I am aware of. I drive this every month for at least 20 minutes & have never had this problem. I was plowing the property & when I got to the street & was headed to a neighbors, when I got up to about 15- 20...
  2. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    Hey guys, new to PRC! Nice to meet you all! Have a buddies 2013 Ranger 500EFI with 13k miles in my shop that will not start. Cranks fast with a brand new battery. Hasn’t ran in three years, it started back then, started very hard once it got warm though is the back story. Checked fuel pressure...
  3. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I have a 2005 ranger 500 6x6 with 700 hours. It died on me while riding. Got it back to the garage to inspect the issue. Fuel pump was bad, replaced it. I know it is working because when I pull the fuel line from the carb and turn the ignition on it pumps fuel through the line. Replaced inline...
1-3 of 3 Results