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  1. Michigan trails (Drummond Island)

    Local Rides
    I haven't rode any trails in the U.P. since 2008 does anyone on here ride in Michigan often if so how are the trails looking these days? Specifically I'm looking at going to Drummond Island for the first time I've heard the riding and scenery is awesome I was going to take my Maverick XRS Turbo...
  2. '11 800 xp ECU REFLASH HELP

    Ranger Discussions
    Hi all, I've recently purchased a 2011 800 ranger xp and have had plans to upgrade it continuously for my preferred type of riding. The only thing is I've hit a major stump. I cannot for the life of me find anyone that does ECU re-flashes for this year and engine size. :mad-new: I originally...
  3. 2010 Ranger Seat

    Ranger Discussions
    I have a 2010 Ranger 800 XP and the seat is destroyed. It has a bench seat for 3 person seating. The underside is cracked and broken. When I take it off it will almost fold in half. It will not stay in place without being bungiecorded in place. A new one costs over $400. Has anyone tried making...
  4. 4" Portal Gear Lift by High Lifter

    Ranger Crew Discussions
    High Lifter just released their 4" Portal Gear Lift for 2018/19 new body style Rangers: XP 1000, Crew, High Lifter Edition and NorthStar models. Call us: 800.699.0947 for any questions or to place your order. Click the link below for more features or to order online...
  5. Bed Cover for Rangers

    Ranger Discussions
    We have bed covers for Full size and Mid size Rangers in stock and ready to ship. Keep your cargo clean and dry with this stylish plastic bed cover. The rear section is hinged and folds forward on the front to allow easy access with and without the tailgate open. It attaches to your stock...
  6. Pulse Bar Plugs

    Ranger Discussions
    Anyone need an easier way to plug accessories into your Ranger check out out item # 13564 from Extreme Metal Products
  7. RT Pro Free Shipping on in stock FOX shocks.

    General Member Discussions
    Until the end of the month of April RT Pro is covering the shipping on all in stock FOX shocks.
  8. Interior Height Question

    Our Polaris 6x6 with a Wide Open Cab (Rangerware) has a max height of 75 inches. We have a 24 foot trailer that is too large for some of the access roads we need to get back for wildfires, search and rescue etc. We are selling that trailer that is 78 inches interior height with a beavertail in...
  9. Polaris CPSC Settlement

    General Member Discussions
    I have searched the forums but didn't see this posted on here. Has anyone else seen this? Polaris hit with $27M penalty for failing to report vehicle problems -
  10. Rear View Camera Install

    Member Inventions/Tips/Homemade Mods
    With the Ranger 6x6 having a tall body on the back and to make it safer on emergency scenes, we added a rear view camera system to the unit. It is nothing special, just a china product from ebay but it works well day and night! Below are some pictures of it installed. Just an idea for all of you...
  11. Trailer with Original Body

    Member Inventions/Tips/Homemade Mods
    Hello all, I know this wont fit many people here due to the specific nature of this utv, but just in case anyone takes their original body off their ranger, they have an idea for a trailer. Our fire company got a skid unit for firefighting that just bolts onto the frame where the dump body was...
  12. ISO WTB Ranger OEM Wheels

    Member Classifieds
    Looking for rims and (ideally) tires in good shape or new, take-offs for a reasonable price. This is for my 570 Mid-Size, but I think full-size wheels are also good. Located in Dutchess County NY. I can travel short distances to retrieve or we can do shipping. Thanks
  13. 2013 Ranger 800 will not start

    Ranger Technical
    I have a 2013 Ranger 800 EFI. I have had random issues with it starting. You turn the key and the fuel pump doesn't kick in or try to start. Normally you can cycle the key a few times and it will start. However after riding in the snow one day it wont start. When I turn the key all the dash...
  14. Ranger Tracks

    Ranger Crew Discussions
    Anyone have experience with tracks for a Ranger? Looking to get a set for my 2016 900 Crew. Is it best to get direct from Polaris or is there better options out there? Thanks in advance.
  15. Convert EFI to carburetor

    Ranger Technical
    I have a 2007 500 Ranger with EFI.. I am tired of the electrical issues not allowing a decent idling and running Polaris Ranger. Am I crazy to consider converting to carburetor to simplify my life and my motor? Does anyone have experience with this? Did you use the Mikuni carb or try another...
  16. 22 daays old and growing

    Off-Topic Discussions
    My litter is starting to wean, and got their 1st taste of food last night. Success at the end of the video. Enjoy

    SSS Off Road
    DISCOUNTED SKIDS SSS off road skid plates SSS OFF ROAD is having a sale on our 100% UHMW SKID PLATES. They are 3/8" thick, but we use 100% UHMW and it is 100% MADE IN THE USA. We make everything right here in the USA. Our material is MADE IN THE USA. SALE PRICE SHIPPED TO THE LOWER 48...

    SSS Off Road
    100% UHMW and 100% USA made 3/8" skid plates, arm guards and rockers/rock gliders sliders. EMAIL me at [email protected] We have created a 100% UHMW skid with built in rockers/rock sliders.
  19. Plow mount with skid plate?

    Winter Riding/Tracks/Plows
    I'm looking at a Denali Pro plow from Moto-Alliance with the MA11704 mount that has 6 bolt holes and mounts to the bottom of the chassis in front. My issue is - I have a 1/2" UHMW skid plate that covers the entire bottom of the chassis and also utilizes these 6 holes. My question is, how do...
  20. Up'd the COOLNESS factor in my man cave.

    Off-Topic Discussions
    this weekend, after working Christmas eve and Christmas day night shift, I spent Saturday and Sunday in my shop and man cave. This is one of two trees added... need to see this finished before I plant the 2nd tree.