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  1. Bout got to where I don't give a shift on this shifter.

    Ranger Technical
    Hello Everyone, Hope all are well and grease free. On my 99 ranger 6x6 I can't seem to hit the sweet spot on the shifter linkage. I finally found a paper with instructions on how to adjust but I have turned, twisted, turned, Cussed (Southern for cursed) turn wash, rinse repeat, but the...
  2. 2011 Polaris Ranger 400 Tranny, clutch or shifting issue??

    Ranger Technical
    Good morning! First time posting, been reading some good stuff so far. I just bought my first Ranger 2 weeks ago! 2011 Ranger 400 HO, all stock, now has 750 hours on it. And I may have an issue... I was out with it on Sunday and had something weird happen on me. I was running in High down the...