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  1. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I have a 2019 ranger northstar 3 seater and to get it in high gear I almost have to jam it into the dash to keep it from popping out of gear? If it’s not jammed all the way up to where the dash moves it won’t work.
  2. General Member Discussions
    Hey folks. I’ve got a problem with the shift cable on my 2014 Polaris Ranger Diesel that I hope someone can assist me with on here. I’ve tried to google it but nothing available online. Here’s what’s going on: I was plowing snow the other day when the gear shift on the dash went non-responsive...
  3. Ranger Problems & Solutions
    I just recently bought a 2007 ranger 500 and it shifts very easily into all gears without any grinding or anything. However most of the time it acts like low is just another neutral however if it does engage it acts completely normal pulls hard, doesnt pop out of gear, or grind or anything...
  4. Ranger Technical
    Hello Everyone, Boy I got me a mess now. On my 99 Ranger 6x6 the AWD light would not say on unless you hold back on the gear shifter. So Mr. rubber hammer decided to make a little adjustment or 5 to keep the light on in high forward and reverse. The high forward does not mean that much to me...
1-4 of 4 Results