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  1. Polaris or aftermarket SNOW PLOW system?

    Ranger Technical
    Hi all, Just purchased a 2016 FS 570. Beginning to look into a plow for it. Dealer quoted me around $1700 for a polaris plow installed. I noticed the Polaris winches are pricey and have seen numerous aftermarket systems for less $$. I want something that works and will last. I have a 500ft+...
  2. Need new tires. Do Kanati Mongrels do ok in snow?

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    Need new tires. any advice It seems like it's time for some new tires on my 900... "and a good washing" I have a few questions if you guys dont' mind helping me with. Edit. originally i was looking at the Kanati Mongral and Maxxis Ceros but i've been looking all over the place and i may...
  3. Danville, In. Building / Hunting / Plowing

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, and gals. I'm todays new member, and glad to have found this forum today. I stumbled on it while researching LED light bars and not yet buying anything, I thought - 1 more click. That brought me here this afternoon, and on my way to work (I work evening shift) I told myself I need...