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  1. Kemimoto
    Hey all. A brand new version of Kemimoto SxS soundbar is launched! We’ve made several adjustments according to the previous collected feedback from you guys. And these are the changes that have been made to the new version, take a look: -We’ve upgraded the bottom, it will restore to...
  2. Team FAS Motorsports
    Need some sound? We carry a bunch of options and brands to get any vehicle setup. Give us today and let us go over a sound system for your ride:
  3. Ranger Technical
    I bought a ecoxgear sound bar and was going to hook up to the Ride Command amp2 to be able to play everything through the Ride Command. I bought a adapter plug with the RCA connectors and also bought another adapter to go from RCA to 3.5 (like a headphone jack) Ecoxgear uses a 3.5 for there aux...
  4. Team FAS Motorsports
    New Products from Pro Armor coming out in Sept, Sound Bars, Blue Tooth Controllers and Tower Speaker Kits. Contact us today for PRE ORDERS on either Setup! Orders will be Shipping in Sept. The Bars are awesome with built in Controls and the Tower Speakers are perfect to complete the kit or add...
  5. 2014 Polaris Rangers and RZRs
    I am finally moving to the electrical upgrades on my '14 Crew...starting with the stereo. I want to be able to park the Ranger, key off and play the stereo for a few hours at a time, using an isolated second deep cell battery. (I heard that if you keep the key on, the hours continue to...
1-5 of 5 Results