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  1. 2007 700 XP After Market Throttle Position Sensor

    Ranger Discussions
    Ok gang, Heres my dilemma. I see TPS's up for sale on Ebay and Amazon for after market TPS's. They seem to list them for every year, including the 2007 Ranger but only the LE or FI. Nothing for the XP. I tried one for a 2006 which when cross referenced with Polaris part number they are the...
  2. Need Help backing up my diagnosis

    Ranger Technical
    I have a 2008 700 Ranger XP, Bought it from a friend low miles and hours. When you ride for awhile and I mean awhile say 2 hours or more it has a a slight miss in the throttle just off idle. It ldles fine, runs out fine, just has a spot thats seems to be bad. Now fast forward to today, I was...
  3. Just in case you round your Idle adjuster quick repair 2007 Ranger 700/800

    Ranger Technical
    The pliers I was using to adjust tps/idle screw had a weak tip -were cheap and rounded off the tip. So I had to jerry rig the adjuster to help repair and be able to adjust the idle --Trying to save a couple of bucks after the 700/800 stroker build.. I used a dremmel to make the repair-
  4. 2007 700 xp running lean

    Ranger Technical
    Hi y'all, I'm a newby here to the forum and am looking for some help. My 700 xp I bought used has been a nightmare from day one. So far within the past three months of ownership I have replaced the tbap harness, fuel pump, dipstick tube, new stock exhaust, air precleaners/filter, and of course...