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  1. Interior Height Question

    Our Polaris 6x6 with a Wide Open Cab (Rangerware) has a max height of 75 inches. We have a 24 foot trailer that is too large for some of the access roads we need to get back for wildfires, search and rescue etc. We are selling that trailer that is 78 inches interior height with a beavertail in...
  2. Trailer with Original Body

    Member Inventions/Tips/Homemade Mods
    Hello all, I know this wont fit many people here due to the specific nature of this utv, but just in case anyone takes their original body off their ranger, they have an idea for a trailer. Our fire company got a skid unit for firefighting that just bolts onto the frame where the dump body was...
  3. STOLEN 2013 Ranger Crew with trailer

    Ranger Crew 900 Discussions
    No one notices these on the road more than owners so I thought I'd share this with the group. Sure hate thieves. Very disappointed. 2013 Polaris Ranger Crew (camo) with lift and heavy duty Kevlar tires 4XAWH7EA4DE646865 Model R13WH7EAH Engine serial # 0120461954029 2013 Gray tandem axle...