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  1. TURF MODE - seeking guidance - new 2020 Ranger 1000

    Ranger Discussions
    Hello friends, I am not new to powersports, but I am brand new to owning a machine with Turf Mode. As I understand it, "turf mode" simply opens the rear diff, making it like a normal live diff - which means that in low-traction scenarios it'll do a one-wheel-peel. This would also allow the...
  2. Turf Mode Failure - One Tech's Observations

    Ranger Technical
    Ben Glover - "I was a tech at a Polaris dealer, we seen several blown trannys because of the turf mode. But on almost every single one the broke the cases there was a problem with the diff lock relay box and solenoid, they go bad or have a malfunction and it will allow it to kick to posi...