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  1. 2013 Mid-Size 800

    2013 Model Polaris Rangers/RZRs
    Hey all, just recently made my first Ranger purchase! I'm looking into a few things to customize my Ranger and am looking for some help: Windshield & Roof- I can't seem to find a full windshield for the mid-size that 'fits' the '13 800 mid size. Everything I see is for the full size 800. Any...
  2. Custom Windshield Push out Hardware

    Member Inventions/Tips/Homemade Mods
    My 2013 ranger 800 crew came with a windshield similar to the one below without the ability to push it out for air flow. I’d like to be able to do that but do not want to just get rid of the current one. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase just the hardware to make it push out...
  3. Towing/windshield concerns

    Ranger Crew Discussions
    Just installed a new tip out windshield, probox top, and rear glass. Are there any concerns with towing speeds and the windshield and rear glass? We will be heading out to Colorado this next weekend, I would like to have everything intact. Pro Shield™ Glass Tip-Out Full Windshield, Clear Item #...
  4. Weekend Wheelin and Seizmik Full Vented Windshield Product Review

    Mid-Size Rangers
    Seizmik Full Vented Hard Coated Poly Windshield Review After weird couple weeks of coordinating with the dealer (recall work) and having time to do the installations I was FINALLY able to put this new windshield through its proper paces. As a lot of you know Seizmik offered a couple of their...
  5. Removing scratches from a poly tilt out windshield

    Member Inventions/Tips/Homemade Mods
    My 2005 tilt out/ opening windshield looks its age. Years of breaking brush have it scratched, I'd like to remove them if possible. I figure there have to be products for this, anyone have experience or success removing scratches?
  6. 2007 Complete Enclorure Hard Shell any Pics to see how it looks

    Ranger Discussions
    Does anyone have pictures of Full Cab enclosure on older 700XP--2004-2009 I'm trying to purchase one supposedly complete and would like to see how it looks and if I'm missing anything. I tried looking up online but can not find much on the older units that are similar..
  7. Fixed Glass Windshield Crack

    Ranger XP 900 & 570 FS Discussions
    Anyone know if a cracked windshield is still being warrantied. I have seen a few other post about people having the same problem but looked like it had been a year or two on some of the post. Had the ranger parked in the heated shop last night. Went and pulled it out this afternoon and this...
  8. Need a deluxe cab curved glass

    Ranger Discussions
    I recently broke my windshield on my deluxe cab and I can't find a new one any where, I also heard that they discontinued the cab. Can anyone find one?
  9. FTD folding windshield?

    General Member Discussions
    Looks pretty solid...any experience with it?