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The seat on an 05 will sag and break the injector wires if there is enough weigh on the middle section of it. The brace you can get for an 06 will not fit an 05 (and some early 06's). I was fussing with this and trying to make the bracket work and, when I turned the seat over I was surprised to see a perfect imprint of the injector tube on the seat bottom. Instead of fabing a bracket I decided to just put the heat gun on the imprint and soften up the plastic. I then took a wood block and created a 1.5 inch deep impression where the injector tube was being rubbed on. I don't know that this is as good a fix as a well fitting brace or bracket, but it's going to work a lot better than nothing and I think there is a good chance it's a complete fix. Sorry, no pictures, but it's an easy fix if you can tell exactly where to make the impression.
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