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09 RZR 800 Power Commander on a 13 800 Midsize?????

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Does anybody know if a power commander off of a 09 RZR 800 will fit on a 800 Midsize? My father in laws RZR got totaled a few weeks back by his son and the scavenger side of me has taken over and I want to try the power commander out on my machine. He also has a upgraded CVT system that I wouldn't mind trying out if anybody knows the answer to that one.
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I'm pretty sure the commander should work.
The operating system on an 09 is completely different than the newer models. It's a completely different injection system and ecu programming. I'd be surprised if it hooked up and if it does I'd be surprised if it worked
That's sad to hear. I was hoping to scavenge it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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