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1/2 Windshields

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Who's go a 1/2 shield and where did you get them from?

Polaris does not make one so the ones I have seen must be aftermarket...right?

How does it do in the rain? Does the airflow push most of the rain up and over your head or does is all just hit you in the face?

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We have a half windshield and love it. It does not keep all the rain off but most of the wind passes over your head. We got it from one of our sponsors EMP. The service was great.
Most of the air goes over your head, unless you are taller than average. Some of it still hits you in the face. The differance is you can duck down and get out of the wind/rain if you need to. Also you can drive in the rain and still see with out wippers. You will stay dryer and warmer. but, it's not a full windshield. You can tow with it also.
I picked one up from cabelas yesterday.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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