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15" bead locks with 31" radial "mud" tires

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I recently purchased 2014 ranger 900 crew and outlast 3" full lift kit. I really want the msa 21 lok bead locks but I'm having a hard time finding 31" radial mud tires in a 15". Any and all help is greatly appreciated. It's muddy and rocky where we ride, creeks, swamps, mud, paved roads etc.
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What about a BFG Mud Terrain?
What about a BFG Mud Terrain?
Are they aggressive enough for swampy sticky mud?
I'd run the 31x11.5x15 LTB. LTB's are a great off road tire and decent road tire. I've thought about putting them on my 6x for the ground clearance, durability, and load rating without the axle breaking paddles and weight of the OL2. Only thing I'd do with any truck tire is buy a groover and cut all the middle lugs in half, possibly groove the outsides as well. Grooving greatly increases the flexibility of the tread and its ability to conform to terrain under a light rig. I grooved the Q78's on my Samurai and the difference was huge. I think a set of grooved LTB's would be killer tires.

I stole this pic from another PRC member when I was researching tires. 31" LTB against what I'm assuming is a 30" OL radial.
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Are they aggressive enough for swampy sticky mud?
I agree with the above. If you want an aggressive mud tire, I'd go with the Swampers over the BFG's.

My personal choice would be the 31x12.50x15 Bogger. You'll probably need some spacers to run a 12.5" wide on the front. Beware, they weigh 57# each. The LTB weighs 47# each. Both are bias ply, not radials.

If you want a radial, go with the 15", they come in a 27x9.50 (42#), 29x11.50 (54#), 31x10.50 (56#), and 31x12.50 (63#).
Ok so I've been reading all of your suggestions and would like to stay with an atv style tire over a truck tire. Has anyone used sti outback max tires. I just wish there were more 30"-31" tires available that would fit a 15" wheel and were radial 8ply, great in the mud and climbing rocks and driving on hard pack surfaces!!!!!
That looks sweet!!!! I have the outlast lift on its way should be here today! I never saw your thread before and I must say that thing is bad to the bone. I'd hate to copy your wheel and tire selection but they are the exact same ones I've been eyeing up. How do you like the tires? Do they handle ok on the road? How about going over mud filled trails with boulders? What's your round clearance with that setup? Any axle issues? Sorry for all the questions but thanks for posting your build
How come when you click on that link it takes you to a different topic. Sends me to: under hood bracket
.....I just wish there were more 30"-31" tires available that would fit a 15" wheel and were radial 8ply,......
That's a good reason to not run 15" or 16" wheels. It greatly limits your tire choices. If you had 14" wheels, the Roctanes would be a good choice.
My theory has always been go with bigger wheels so the sidewall is shorter and less likely to get punctured. That's what I did on my grizzly and never had any tire issues and just figured I'd go with the same thought process for the ranger. Would a 15" wheel wrapped with 31" tires have much of s benefit over using 14" with 31"
A shorter sidewall has the advantage of less roll during cornering, but it is also more prone to pinch flats......especially in rocky terrain.

In theory, a 15" wheel with a 31" tire will have a sidewall of approximately 8". In my opinion, that is fine. Most stock wheel/tire combos (for example, a 26" tire on a 12" wheel) will have a 7" sidewall and I wouldn't run anything less than that where I ride.
Thanks for your responses! Since it's so hard to find tires in the 15" /31" is there going to be a noticeable difference going with a 14" wheel and have radial tires? Do you see a benefit to bead Locks? It's a heavy machine and I'm a little rough on her so I'd like it to be as bullet proof as possible
You probably should decide which tire will best suite your needs before deciding on a wheel. You're going to be able to find a LOT more ATV tires (and more aggressive tread) in a 14", but you'll have a better selection of larger truck tires (30", 31" and 32") with a 15" wheel.

Where are you located and what type of terrain do you ride?

Beadlocks are debatable. Like most things, there are pros and cons, and "most" people will never benefit from having them. I have them as peace of mind because I have had flats a couple of times and didn't notice it until it was too late and the tire had already come off the bead. But they also have a tendency to retain mud and cause balance issues, and they tend to weigh a little more than standard wheels.
Roads to and from different trails we ride, in my area of pa it's anything from rocky swamp to dry trails, very tight trails for this big old buggy. For the most part I've made it through everything with the stock tires but if and when I would get stuck I would blame most of it on the short ground clearance. I'm in the process of installing the outlast fabworx 3" full lift kit which I know will help and that's why I'm having such a hard time deciding on tires. I guess I could make my rounds with stock tires and lift installed and then decide if I want a mud tire or more of a a/t tire. To headlock or not is another issue I am battling.
Just don't hold the headlock too long :). Thanks to everyone with the comments. I am about to make a purchase I believe and will stay stock as far as the lifts go, but I am interested in tires. The info posted about the type of tires is informative even to those without a lift I believe,

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