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2-Piece Aluminum Rock Slider Set, Polaris Ranger XP 900 & 570 Full-Size

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Marty, A Sponsor here Motorcycle accessories, side by side, UTV parts. Quality components with superior customer service. Put me on to these Ricochet Rock Sliders recently and reading his comments on PRC that he is now selling these a friend and I ordered two sets for our 900 Rangers.On my 2013 900 Ranger I had previously installed the Pure Polaris OEM Nerf sliders. While they look nice they hung low outside the rail and offered no protection to the open areas right and left of the under carriage where sticks, rocks or any other object that could poke up through there.They also do not provide good side panel protection. These sliders along with the floor board filter plates that Marty sells do the job I wanted done. Protect that open area underneath and the frame sides. They come complete with good instructions and attaching hardware.

The Ricochet Rock Sliders fit the bill and are well designed for fit and finish covering the open areas in question as well as giving frame side protection. More importantly, I like the fit of the sliders that don't hang down. I am adding some photos here to show the installation. If you don't have a full after market skid plate I highly recommend you contacting Marty and purchasing the Rock Sliders and the Filler panels for each side that protects the floor board.

Thank you Marty for putting us on to these very nice Rock Sliders.

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Very nice. I really want these sliders, just waiting on funds to free up for them.
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