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2009 Crew 700 front gearbox noise (clinking)

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Hi All! I just purchased a used 2009 Ranger Crew 700 LE black cherry with 600 hours and 4500 miles for $6300. Due to COVID I can't hardly find a new 6-seater for less than 18k out the door so I found this on Craigslist. It starts, idles, runs great. New belt, a-frames, other nice to haves and solid maintenance record.

However, I do hear a clicking noise that sounds like it's coming from the front gear box. I've heard this type of noise in other side by sides where it was considered "normal" and plan to have a Polaris dealer do an inspection before I hit the trails with a family of 6 (4 kids less than 7 y/o) but before I believe everything the service department tells me I thought I should post here. I did see a post about a swishing noise here on the PRC forum but this noise is not a swish.

Any advice, hate/love, or jokes at my expense are welcome.

Bottom line: I want to hit the shanandoah valley once or twice a month with the family for some easy riding and not get stranded... ;)
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Welcome FrostD,
Clicking up front could be either a CV joint on it's way out or just a loose brake pad that needs a caliper adjustment. Outside chance it could be a hung up sprague cage in the front gear case but if it is not dragging in either forward or reverse, I would say that is not it. I would change ALL gear case fluids and check for quantity and quality . That will give you a baseline as "the new owner." Congrats on your NEW ride......
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"and the clinking sound is always there "

Errrr Frosty, you said "click" before so is it a click ? or a clink ? Or is it possibly a cleeek ? Polaris maladies are sound specfic in a lot of case ........
Does the 'clinking' change if you step on the brake ?
Does the 'clinking' change if you step on the brake ? 2

A cracked heat shield on the exhaust can also make a 'clinking' sound..

Frost, you are going to have get all four wheels up on jack stands and run it in 2 & 4wd to know for sure where it ois coming from.
Frost, you can replace the u-joints in that front driveshaft for about 20 bucks ......NAPA 338's (2) of em.....
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Frost, I can't tell from here how deep that is but I am thinking just the u-joints deep.
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